2Gig Fios Packet Loss 25%+
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I recently moved to a new home where I got 1Gig Fios installed, all was good zero issues, I had had gig before from fios and was always happy.  I recently upgraded to 2Gig Fios  and something is VERY wrong with this service offering.   I am experiencing  massive packet loss, disruption in file transfers, video calls dropping audio / video  its making remote work impossible.  The issue appears to be a L7 issue as its random per destination, but its also very clear at my first HOP in the VZ network

Everything was 100% with 1G fios!...I had a tech onsite who replaced everything with the same issues persisting.  This condition exists with my router or the Verizon router, no change.  I have historical graphs of the last year with Fios which has been great till getting 2Gig service.

All my equipment is enterprise level LAN / WAN is all 10G, my calls, chats appear to go around in circles.  Is there anyone at VZ that I can speak to 

Success rate is 92 percent (928/1000), round-trip min/avg/max = 67/68/84 ms

Success rate is 87 percent (1439/1652), round-trip min/avg/max = 42/43/45 ms

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