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Started on 9/27 at noon.  Called VERIZON and was told of outage in area.  That there was a group outage ticket and that there were 24 other impacted accounts.

Called on 9/29 around noon to get status on GROUP TICKET.   Was informed that the impacted accounts was over a thousand(1024 to be exact).

As of tocay 9/30 GROUP TICKET remains open with estmated resolution time of 9/30 19:15.

Seems that no one is working on the issue.  The resulution time is cycles from 17:15 to 03:15 to 11:15 like clockwork since GROUP OUTAGE FIRST REPORTED!!!!

Does anyone know how I can speak with a person withg specific first hand knowledge of what has taken place, what will take place, and what the route cause is.  Note the VERSIZON help desk process is generic and DOES NOT PROVIDE DETAILED AND USEFUL INFORMATION instead it provide rout responses.

On a personal note I am astonished by the lack of urgency demonstrated by this utility provider - VERIZON to an GROUP outage.

Come monday at noon when entering day 5 I will be contacting local and state agencies to commence review of this GROUP outage and seeking assistance in getting VERSION to understand the URGENCY of this GROUP OUTAGE.

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I agree with everything you said - an area outage with absolutely no effective action or results acheived?  Is anyone working this?  The automated message that says you are "committed" to returning our service, and then just cycles to the next 8 hours when the deadline passes.  Hey, I asked for you to call me and give me a real update?  As your customer I expect so much more than what has occurred in this case.  Please tell me WHEN it will be repaired, the assets you have applied to solving the problem, and the specific reasons for the extended outage and why you cannot fix it?