3 hour DHCP lease?

I've had a lot of trouble with my connection recently, and my best guess is that it's related to the extremely short DHCP lease my router is getting. Right now it's pulling a 3-hour lease and there's some sort of problem with the renewal which kills my connection every time (if I go into my router and release and renew manually it works).

Is there some way to configure this or confirm that this is the source of my constant connection issues? I've tried two separate routers and I'm having the same problem -- internet connection is randomly dropping and only a manual release/renew seems to fix it (and only until the lease expires).

Two routers are the R7000P (Netgear) and the K3C (Phicomm).

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Community Leader

The lease is actually controlled by Verizon, since that is your WAN IP Lease. But do make sure that both of your routers have updated firmware. One of them should also be in Access Point mode, so you don't run into Double NAT scenarios.