3 weeks of intermittent / slow DSL service

For the past 3 or so weeks I have had days where my internet speed was as slow as my old dial up connection, some times even slower or there was no connection at all. I have also had days in between where it will work fine. My neighbor who also has Verizon DSL is having the same issue at the same time I am having these issues.

I have the basic DSL service and speed test shows 1.02 mbps download and 0.38 mbps upload when it seems to be working ok. I have yet to try it when it starts slowing down since it takes forever to load a page.

I am just wondering if anyone else is having the same issues or what can be done to fix the problem? I live in southeast Virginia in zip 23487.

Re: 3 weeks of intermittent / slow DSL service

Yes.  I was having similar issues.

I signed up for Xfinity Internet and am finding it to be faster (when it works), but just as awful when it doesn't.

I haven't decided which service to jetison yet.

Maybe both of them and go back to reading the paper.

Infrastructure in this country seems to be colapsing all around us.