5G Home internet

I recently switched from Cable modem to Verizon 5G with a promise to have at least 300mbs. When i first connested all was well, fine and dandy. In 3 weeks time the speed is now at 67mbs and the zoom calls drop, whatsapp call are patchy at best and streaming is horrendous. I feel like watching streaming services as in 80s TV.  Is this an annomally? Am i missing any settings? Any troubleshooting tips will be appreciated!

I tried having a converstation with this vian chat and that get disconnected and they would not even bother to call back or email with answers. Even in the chat support, they keep transferring you between departments and you end repeating the story and by the time they are ready to assist, the chat is disconnected. This has happeded 5 times and so decided to call them, thinking that would be better. No good either. Scheduled a call, received the call back and again was transferred around to 3 departments and calls get dropped. In spite of requesting them to call back, in case of  a disconnected call, no call back. 

 I am at wits end here and almost ready to move back to my cable service!

Any HELP??

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