5G update problems

since the update my wireless drops all day everyday, on all devices, not sure what needs to happen but it terrible, my service was excellent until the software update.

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What model router and software version are you running?

How are you seeing the drop?

If you have an andorid device, install an app called wifi analyzer.

It can help diagnose WiFi issues if they are RF related.


I am having a similar problem but I am not sure I can relate it to an update. My router model is FIOS-G1100, about 4 yrs. old. The wireless drops out and even when it comes back it asks for the security key again. Very annoying. Any ideas?

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Just guessing.

Option one:

REF post 2 of dual band on G3100 - only connects at 2.4GHz 

@Edg1 wrote:

Try turning off SON. I don’t have a G3100 but this is how you get there in the G1100...

Go to Wireless Settings/Advanced Security Settings/ Other Advanced Wireless Options/Self-Organizing Network Enabled and set to Off

You will also have to change the 5GHz SSID by placing 5G at the end to distinguish both bands. 

Option two:

REF post 5 of dual band on G3100 - only connects at 2.4GHz 

@jizaref1 wrote:

I copied the MAC address of my device that was having a difficult 2.4 connection and pasted it into my restricted access section of the 2.4 network. I still have SON on but since that device is blocked it can only connect at 5 and is much more stable now.

Since I do not have any FIOS routers to play with, for option two I am not sure if that if that is true or not.