6 years of great service, then 3 months of frequently connection problems
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We were one of the first FIOS customers in our area and still on one of the older packages (10/2) and for the past 6 years have had little to no problems and a fast connection. But in the past 3 months our network slows down, gets timed out and then jammed up so that the only way to get back online is to reboot the router. This is now happening over a dozen times a day. We have called tech support at least 5 or 6 times, spending at least an hour or two on the phone each time. We have tried MANY things. I give the tech guys kudos because they can see nothing from their end but they do keep their minds open and try to come up with new solutions, but so far nothing has worked: new router, different channels, reboot to the box into our house, remove all possible interferences, test different devices, test wireless vs. ethernet, check firewall settings, etc. Yesterday the tech on the phone finally decided to send someone out. The guy who came out changed our router (again) and the box coming into the house. When that didn't work he said there was nothing more he could do. That maybe it was our devices. And left.

I don't know what to do at this point. My husband thinks we should upgrade to 50/25 but my gut tells me we are still going to have the same problems. I wonder if they've oversubscribed our area? Or if it is the line from the street to our house? Or the line from outside our house to the router? Mice? I don't even know where to check anymore. I have to say, all the representatives I have dealt with on the phone have been pleasant and as helpful as they can be, but no one seems to have any more ideas.


We are in Chester County PA, outside of West Chester. Any thoughts? Anyone?

Re: 6 years of great service, then 3 months of frequently connection problems
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It was our pleasure to help get this taken care of for you. Anytime you need help please don't hesitate to make a post and we will assist. Thanks for being a Verizon subscriber!