6th Gen AirPort Express to build Roaming Network?


We have recently signed up for Fios Gigabit (theoretically 1000/1000) and have their Quantum Gateway router. Currently the Fios router is broadcasting both a 2G and 5G network signal in the house but, as Verizon will readily admit, the wifi capability of their router can hardly handle 1/5th of that bandwidth. So I also have an ethernet cable going from the Gateway router to my 6th Generation Apple AirPort Extreme, which is also broadcasting a network. I believe that the 6th Gen AirPort broadcasts dual band as well... The problem is that now I have two separate networks - the one(s) originating from the Fios router and the one being broadcast by the AirPort.

What I would like to do is move the Fios router to a more centralized location (currently it is in the basement where Verizon set it up), and then at the end of two separate ethernet cables in various parts of the house, I'd like to connect two separate 6th Gen AirPort Extremes to create a roaming network, what Apple refers to as a Bridge I think. 

Can anyone speak to this? Is it possible? Will it work? I know I won't get full gigabit wifi but I'd like to be looking at more than the 50-75mbps I am getting right now. 

I've talked to Verizon several times and they have told me based on their network test the router is providing advertized speeds. 

What should I do??

Re: 6th Gen AirPort Express to build Roaming Network?

Verizon states “up to speeds” of 940/880 not 1000/1000

now the best solution is to place your airport extremes into access point mode.

then you are using the Quantum router as DHCP only to get internet.

the access point devices apple devices can then be set up throughout your home via following the Apple instructions for access point mode.

you then go into the Quantum router and turn off that wifi so no overlapping signals of interference.

no device you are using on wifi will achieve not only full gigabyte but considerably less.

sometimes as low as what you were mentioning in your post, but could achieve much higher depending on device. Wifi is no match for direct connection to the router or switch.