811 did not locate buried Verizon lines
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We are about to begin some construction in our yard (Montgomery County, MD) and I called 811 several weeks ago. The gas company, water company, and electric company all came and flagged their lines for our contractor. Verizon did not come as part of the 811 request which is interesting because an internet search shows Verizon promoting the 811 “call before you dig” service. How can we put in a request to have our Verizon line flagged so it does not get injured by the works? As an aside, why does Verizon not respond to 811 requests?

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Re: 811 did not locate buried Verizon lines
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You can request VZ to do the markings by writing to the Legal department at Basking Ridge. It may come with a nominal fee to mark the lines.

I am not sure whether 811 has sufficient legal authority per se to compel ISPs to mark underground facilities.