A Simple fix!

RE: A simple fix!

   When I accidently changed the speed from 100 MHz to 1 Ghz, and back again. I lost the connection to the internet, so I called Verizon Tech support, THEY did not resolve the problem by their methods.

1. They did not know how to change the IP address from 169 ... back to 192.168.1.x, or my PC's IP address. It is right there in Windows 7' Help and support. However. not all PC have Windows Help and Support as that makes you go on line to Microsoft's websie and that is NO help at all!!!

2. They also did not make the simple check of the PC connection...

   I manage to change the IP address but I was not receiving any imcomming packets only outgoing ones. A day or so later, I tried to connect to my server, as a test, and I IP address conflict. I could not use my network printer because of this, I used Windows 7's troubleshooter and IT fixed it. i missed by one my PC's IP address, and it made the proper connection. However I was not receiving any packets until I pull out the Cate5 cable and plugged it back in, as I noticed the plastic clip broke off and the cable was not fully inserted. These plastic clips break off very easily and that make the cable come loose. There is a way to fix it without replacing a 25 foot cable or so, and still use it. It requires:

  1.  Two medium or short rubberbands. No cost at all
  2. A three foot or less short Ethernet Cate5 cable (NEW)  $5.00
  3. Cate5 coupler!  $10.00


What makes the two cables secure are the two ahort rubberbands around the coupler onto the two cables making a noose around the two inserted cables on oppsite sides of the coupler. Total Price about $15. Sometimes the installed 25 foot cable is behind a lot of furniture, and you want to leave it alone, unless you want to tear apart your network to get where the router is. and spend  $20 or more for a new 25 foot cate5 cable!  Good luck! This is a two-minute simple fix!The short 3 foot cable's loose end now connects to the PCl's Ethernet port! In my case, I am back in business! 

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Or a simple Ethernet end from store at .10¢ remove the old one with needle nose pliers 

place new one on crimp with pliers.

just make sure to take a photo of the end to match up the twisted pair. Color coded.

additionally 25 ft. ethernet can be purchased for less than $15


Saves a load of work. And Fios is not responsible to fix operating systems windows any version. They supply the connection to the internet from their servers to your ONT only.

you are responsible to know how to operate your devices.