A word of caution

Well good readers i want to alert you to another verizon account trick. This afternoon when i logged in to make my one time payment as always, there was a banner to check my plan. Well since i have gigabyte service i just looked to see what verizon was talking about.

low and behold there was an offer to “get gigabyte for $99 and a savings of $35 off” however i already have fios gigabyte and my $60 off per month never expires, and the alert said if i sign a two year contract i can get that reduced price. 

Luckly, i am not that stupid. If you sign the contract you lose the $60 discount, and are locked in for two years. This dear reader is not a savings at the $35 price reduction.

so for fun and games i called verizon fios, this nice lady from i think Carolina USA said it was just a teaser and that i was under no obligation to accept. She laughed when she said I understand that its a loss of savings to me. With the lesser amount being thirty five dollars versus sixty dollars. And just disregard it. I told her in no uncertain terms that if any changes occurred to my account i would switch over to Soectrum internet immediately. Said no changes have been made.

so this is a warning to those customers that don’t look at their accounts. Look at it and look often. And especially if you are not in any contract do not fall for one with bogus savings. This offer was for internet only. Be careful.

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