I signed up for your ACP program I was approved I have been calling and trying to talk to your chat over and over again nobody can seem to help me because I’m already a customer it’s asking me to become a new customer and add FiOS Internet to my cart and check out I already have it I am eligible I am in all the programs that is required and I am having a huge problem getting the applied to my bill I have called numerous times I have smoked too many agents in your chat I’m getting really sick and tired of this this shouldn’t be this difficult I need to know who I need to reach out to you to get this put on my bill because it still isn’t there! Like honestly your agents have no idea what they’re talking about it makes absolutely no sense one guy even told me that I wasn’t eligible even though I received an approval letter then the next guy apologize for that guy not knowing how to do his job I need somebody to get this added to my account immediately this is getting ridiculous!!!

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