Absolute. Worst. DSL. Ever.

Normally I don't post on forums, figure they go unread.  But i need to vent, before i lose it.

I live in Southern CA. 

I've contacted Verizon almost daily for a month regarding my connection.  Currently my connection should be 1-3 meg down.. minimum. 

Heres my results:  1732ms ping.  0.14 mb down.  0.32 mb up.

This is normal, its always like this.  Verizon has called almost daily, from India of course, so i can barely understand them, to let me know they are fixing my connection.. or it is fixed (Never has been)

This is my last resort at Verizon, I've got cases through the BBB.org and the Public Utilities Commission.  I've sent them both logs of my connection over a 7 day period.. never have i had even half of what i pay for.

Exactly how many customers does Verizon think they can put on 2 -  T1 lines?  Currently my town has over 700 subscribers on this system.  With Fiber optics in the CO building, but not hooked up.  (I used to locate underground utilities and i located lines during to this fiber install.)

Yes a T1 can handle normal traffic, (by normal, i mean, surfing the web, email, messaging)

But in my area, its mostly Hispanic and non English speaking, No Cable TV provider, and Not many satellite subscribers for TV, so the choice for these people is NetFlix, or just downloading illegal content.  2-T1 lines can NOT support that.

Dont you think its time to upgrade this system?  or does Verizon not care for its customer base?

Hopefully some Higher up at Verizon see's this information.. and does some actual work regarding it.


Re: Absolute. Worst. DSL. Ever.
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Who gave the information about the two T1 lines? Was it Verizon or someone else? A T1 is a Symmetrical 1.5Mbps circuit, with two of them together obviously 3Mbps/3Mbps in total. I find it hard to believe that 3Mbps split across 500 people would not be getting some attention within Verizon, especially if it is always like that. I also find it hard to believe a single line would be given 3Mbps/768kbps at a maximum since it takes just one person to saturate it all. Now, 1.5Mbps you have a single T1 right there. Now if you're not nearby the CO but are instead on a remote terminal, I can see where the T1s come into play but every CO should have some sort of fiber connection going to them, even if it's something silly like an OC-1 or DS3 (~45Mbps).

In a way though, I can see where things are coming from. A remote terminal nearby has OC-12 fiber running to it that is demuxed to a T3 connection, and for nearly half of the month it suffers from congestion similar to what you're seeing but only at night.