Access to Apple iTunes and App Store updates times out

My internet connection is fine except for accessing Apple iTunes, iCloud Email and App Updates server.  Only happens through my FiOS Internet connection from Brooklyn, NY. Apple's System Status page is showing all services are operational, which they are as long as I don't use the FiOS internet connection from my apartment.  THis started a serveral days ago and is intermittent but mostly unreachable.  I did some traceroutes, and it would appear things are getting held up at:

3 (  7.268 ms  5.272 ms  3.709 ms

I believe this is either a routing issue or Verizon is blocking access to Apple's servers.

Anyone else in the NYC area seeing these issues when attempting to updates apps on your iDevices or Mac computers?  I'm also seeing issues connecting to iTunes and can't play any Apple Music tracks.  And, it would appear that access to iCloud Email is also intermittent and not accessible.  All these issues stem from a timeout connecting to the server on the specific ports for those apps.  Again, if anyone else is experiencing these issue, please let me know and perhaps we can report this to verizon noc

Re: Access to Apple iTunes and App Store updates times out
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Verizon isn't blocking access to those servers.  I'm out here on Long Island and I have no trouble connecting to any of the services you mentioned on my Windows PC, MacBook Pro, 2 iPhones, and an iPad.

You may just be encountering one of the occasional Internet hiccups that happen and it may clear up in a day or so.  In the meantime, a work around you might try is changing your DNS server(s).  That may change your routing enough to correct your connection problem.