Accounts on 2 computers
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I have 2 computers with separate accounts for email (primary and sub account).

Verizon FIOS made recent changes with email.  Now my emails have jumped to the other computer with the sub-account.

How do I get me emails back on my computer in my primary accunt?

 Any help is appreciated, Verizon FIOS "Live Chat" is not available today!!!!

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We're sorry for any troubles you're having with your email accounts.  The way that the Verizon Webmail is setup allows you to view any of your accounts online, from any computer.  The information you've provided doesn't explain whether or not you're using an email client like Outlook, Windows Mail, or Eudora, or if you're using Verizon Webmail.  I've sent you a Private Message so that we can capture additional information.  Please respond when you have a chance.


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