Accuracy of Verizon Speed Test

I am wondering about the accuracy of the Verizon speed test.  I have the 75/35 service and I am testing today around 10/15 on several test sites...except Verizon. The Verizon site, in the past and today, ALWAYS tells me the speed is what it is supposed to be. I find this very strange.

I typically use and have logged results from 75/35 to what I have today.

Re: Accuracy of Verizon Speed Test

The Verizon Speed test site isolates outside network traffic.  So when you go from point A to B on the internet you often times go through Verizon's network and then you could be routed through several other networks until you reach your destination. 

So what the above is telling you is, that verizon is probably ok, but you might have a bad hop in between.  You might want to run traceroutes and see if that is really the problem. 

or if you know of a site that has really big bandwidth and big files, you can do a real world download and see which it matches more with.  Verizon or Speedtest?

Re: Accuracy of Verizon Speed Test
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If you really want to know your true day to day speeds sign up for I'm subscribed to SamKnows that is a free resource for consumers and volunteers. Their goal is to embed software suite into internet enabled devices to build the most accurate picture of global broadband performance. I am a participant & I get a report card that measures my speed etc....

They are contract by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to research and collect data on American fixed-line broadband speeds delivered by Internet Service Providers (ISP's) - until now, something that has never been undertaken in the USA.

99.9999999% of the time get faster upload & download speeds... I had Optimum before & they don't even come close to the performance or reliability.....