Actiontec Bridging and Port Forwarding

I know Verizon does not support bridging on the Actiontec router, but when we moved into the house the tech set it up for bridging, and I have a Cisco 871 behind it. I am trying to get port forwarding for port 5001 for my Slingbox to work and no matter wht I try I am unsuccessful. Does anyone out there think this port is being stopped at the Actiotec? If so how can I open it is not logical if it is truly acting as a bridge...but I give up...I have forwarded other ports outside, but for some reason I cannot get this or my Tivo to work.

Any thoughts?


Re: Actiontec Bridging and Port Forwarding
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Blocked ports are 80; 8080; 23

What I would suggest doing is adding the slingbox IP to the DMZ as well, and see if that works for you.