Actiontec GT784 WNV drops internet every 45 mins

Issue began in May 2020, had a tix number, but they "lost" it in July. Now using ne tix number since August. Called more than 14 times w/o resolution am informed that I have to go through identical steps as I did previously and it still fails. They refuse to provide another router (i'll send this one back to them as it was delivered in August) but they cannot fix this one. During the last call, it appeared that the router has issues with the IP address and after 45 mins a conflict occurs, so it drops the internet. Maddening and frustrating when you have 5 windows open and they all crash. Can't get anyone to call back, advised I will not pay them $99.00 for another router or have a tech come into the house to fix their failed equipment.

The  only error I get is this,

Windows has detected an IP address conflict

Another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact your network administrator for help resolving this issue. More details are available in the Windows System event log.

That really identifies the issue. I need to get this fixed, it's costing me time and money with clients.

Any suggestions?


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#1 First fix is to set your computer to use DHCP. If it is, then check all of the other  computers.


If you want to setup a Static IP on your computer it goes like this.

#1 You must log-in to the router's UI and find the DHCP Range.

#2 You need to make sure that the range is small enough so that you can setup a Static IP outside of the DHCP Range.

#3 For example with the router at with the Subnet Mask with the Starting IP Address of and the Ending IP Address of, that will allow you to use as your Static IP.

[EDIT] #4 The DHCP Range is located in the router's UI at Advanced Setup -> LAN IP and DHCP Settings. REF =

#5 Also if you want the router to assign the same IP Address to the computer instead of a manual static IP you can.

However there is a catch to that: Not only each router's UI is different, each router has a different rule(s).

a) With some routers it has outside of the DHCP Range.

b) Others have to be inside of the DHCP Range.

c) And still others, it does not matter inside of outside of the DHCP Range.

#6 And no matter how you setup that Static IP, make sure that you keep track of it. ex If you have one computer either manually set or Static-DHCP (Address Reservation) to use do not set another also to use!!

REF for your router

Other REF about this feature with a different router.


General REF for setting a Static IP