Actiontec GT784NWV Router Questions
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        Well, as of today we're on modem/router number three over the course of a couple of years in an attempt to solve intermittent connectivity problems.  Went from a Westell to a D-Link DSL-2750B and now to this Actiontec.

        I have two questions, one of which I hope has a simple solution and the other of which I hope has any solution:

1.  Is there a full owner's manual available online for this router?  Nothing came with it either on disc or on paper that points me to an Owner's Manual.

2.  How does one "activate" the USB3 port on the back such that this modem-router supports a disc drive as a networked drive?

I've got multiple Windows machines ranging from XP through 8.1 connected to my home network.  The D-Link router presented itself as a machine named VERIZONDRIVE on the network without doing any configuration changes and plugging a drive into the USB3 port made it instantly available as a shared drive via the VERIZONDRIVE "machine".

Plugging in the drive on the Actiontec does nothing.  When I look in my Win7 machine's Windows Explorer window "Network" it does not show the Actiontec router as a computer but, instead, under the category "Network Infrastructure" under the name "VERIZON GT784WN."  However, if you try to enable it the response is always that the connection failed.

I have been using the networked drive feature on the D-Link router for quite a while now and would hate to take a step backward.  Any and all assistance is appreciated.