Actiontec as Primary vs Secondary Router
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I have read that many people use an additional router. It seems like most of the scenarios leave the Actiontec as the primary router and their own personal router as the secondary. Primary being the router closest to the Internet, for example, computer>secondary router>Actiontec as primary router>ONT/VDSL.

What are the advantages of having the Actiontec as primary? Security, throughput, wifi coverage? It seems like security and speedwise, you would want Actiontec as secondary.

I have read the best way to implement this solution with Actiontec as primary is to DMZ your personal/secondary router through the Actiontec. Does anyone have experience using the Actiontec as a secondary router, routing only STBs?

Re: Actiontec as Primary vs Secondary Router
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There are a number of different possible router configurations.

You can review the trade-offs here:

As explained in the FAQ, Actiontec as secondary does work, but you lose on-screen caller-id and remote DVR functionality.