Activate Ethernet in more than one room

Hello all,

Currently, I have an Ethernet port in my living room, where the router/modem is connected. Due to the lackluster Wi-Fi performance on gigabit Fios (I'm getting 20 down, 10 up on average), I decided to rewire my room to add an additional Ethernet port, but what I found is one works while the other doesn't, and vice versa.

Both do not want to work at the same time, how do I fix this issue?

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Community Leader

FYI, FiOS does not use modems.  It's just a router.

You haven't provided the specific router model.  This will be helpful to know.  Assuming you have one of the Verizon routers, they have four LAN Ethernet ports on the back, usually yellow.  You can use all of them at the same time.  Plug your devices directly into to two of them to verify they are working as expected.  If problems occur, test different cables.

Once you've verified the LAN ports and cables work for a direct connection, keep adding more of the cables and connectors you've installed.  Eventually you should find out which piece isn't working right.