Activate WAN PPPoE 2

How can I change from DHCP typpe to PPPoE using the same actiontec and coax

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Probably a call to Verizon.  Not even sure that you can depending upon what's available locally.

Why do you want to change anyway? 

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I think you are going to find that you cannot get it changed from DHCP to PPPoE.

Back when Verizon first started deploying FiOS internet the connection was always PPPoE. However, a year or two after introduction they started making all new connections DHCP. There were somef PPPoE users who wanted to switch to DHCP, they were not able to.

My understanding is that Verizon is still making all new connections DHCP but keeping all original PPPoE installs that way. I have no idea why, or whether it is still true, but it was true for quite a while.

So the net is, I don't think you can change from DHCP to PPPoE (or vice versa). But it can't hurt, other than perhaps waste some of your time, to contact Verizon and see what they say. If you do find you can switch, it would be great if you would come back here and let us know that.

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Re: Activate WAN PPPoE 2

Justin is correct.

Some existing, especially those that first moved from DSL, are PPPOE, like mine that was created prior to FiOS TV being rolled out. All new accounts are created with DHCP. I have been told that in order to get DHCP, my account would need to be deleted and recreated. Based on my experience, if your account works and billing does not screw it up, it is best to leave it alone. It is highly unlikely they would go backwards to PPPOE.

Justin's post from last year.