Adding a Linksys to FiOS network


I just moved into a new place and my roommate who was already living here has a verizon router in his room. I can't connect to this Verizon Router since my room is too far away. He had an extra linksys router for my room and I'm trying to set that one up - but without much success.

The only way I can access internet right now, is by plugging in an ethernet cable in to a powersocket with some kind of small convertor. I can lug this in anywhere in the house, and plug it in to my macbook and I get internet.

When I plug this ethernet from the power plug into the Linksys and try to get Wi-Fi… it doesn't work.

What do I do? 

I read somewhere I have to access the Linksys router and give it an IP Address…?!

I've lived in a couple places, but I never had to access the router directly to change its settings.

I can't even connect to the WiFi when I go to my roommates room - just to test… I can login to his network, but wifi doesn't work. 

any help?

Re: Adding a Linksys to FiOS network
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Community Leader

You need to reset the the linksys to factory defaults by pressing the reset button

The default address of the linksys will then be and the user id and password will be admin.

Then connect a machine to a linksys lan port and open the address in a browser and logon as admin.and set the local ip address to something other than (the address of the fios router)  

Also set the linksys dns settings to be

At the same time set up the wireless on the linksys to the setting ytou want, i.e. ssid and preferably wpa2 encryption. 

Save the settings then connect the linksys router to the fios router using a lan port to lan port connection.

Now when you connect your machine to the linksys either via wirless or ethernet cable you should have internet access