Am I missing something?

So I am new. I wanted out of the Time Warner monopoly.

My start date was the 28th, but because the lines in my apartment are so old, i finally got service may 1st. 

Now Fios isnt in my area yet, its in the county next to me... but not me (WHY??!! *cries*)

So I purchased the strongest internet available to me. 

But its slow..... I mean it's half of the speed i was expecting

and it's not being consistant. It will be awesome for general browsing one moment, and the next just peters out. 

When I ordered it said 3.1-7, what the heck? im ready to nix this now if it's going to be this slow. 

Re: Am I missing something?
Community Leader
Community Leader

What modem did you receive, and what sort of speeds are you currently receiving?