Another throttling case

I pay for 75 up and down, for the past 3 weeks my internet has gone to trash every night. Between 8 and 10pm my internet goes to less than 10mb download. Replaced router and still same issue. I don't enjoy waiting on hold for an hour to talk to someone and it doesn't resolve anything. Wondering if other people are having this issue? After loving Verizon for so long it may be time to leave, cause telling me to upgrade my speed when I don't get the speed I'm paying for now, is ridiculous. 

Re: Another throttling case

Could be simple congestion on your neighborhood or could be another bad router.

its kind of hard to diagnose not being there. 

Could be a faulty ethernet cable, crimped or broken or could be a defective ONT and Verizon would be glad to fix it. 

They don't ont want to lose paying customers which would be stupid on their part.

call the support number between 8 am till 5 pm EDT and the day techs can contact an engineer where the offshore representative cannot do that.

Good Luck

Re: Another throttling case
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Community Leader

Are you seeing this when you use Verizon speed test?

Or some other speed test site? If it is Verizon site, then you can complain.

If it us an external site, its possible a meet me point is congested.

That may or may not be Verizon's issue.