Any recommendations for a reasonably priced (under $150) router for FiOS?

We have FiOS and I am sick of the rebuilt actonec routers that Verizon supplies - they constantly drop out and have terrible signal. We have a 5 room flat ranch with a finished basement, the router is in the basement, and I often can't get signal in my bedroom. I would like to buy a real router, not pay ransom on more verizon equipment. However, most routers available at say, Best Buy, don't have coax inputs. We don't have any special services, so can we just get a WAN router? Will we still be able to wirelessly stream TV content if we do not have the coax input? Any recommendations for a reasonably priced (under $150) router for FiOS? The techie at Staples said none of their routers were FiOS compatible? Thanks.

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Do you have tv? Also what is your present speed tier? 50/50 75/75 100/100 150/150

if just internet only you can buy a decent router from Staples or Bestbuy just make sure it has external antennas and not internal. Do you get better WiFi signal.

if tv you can get a MOCA adapter and a splitter to keep the channel guide and VOD.

if your getting internet through coaxial (MOCA) you will need to run ethernet cable cat 6 is pretty good. From the ONT to the WAN port on your router.

Section 3.1 is the section you need.

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