Audio drop outs when changing channels, rewinding, fast forwarding, pausing, etc...

I have an Onkyo PR-SC5508 that I am having issues with audio drop outs with Quantum. 

Whenever I change channels, pause, skip, rewind, etc the Onkyo reports the audio signal drops and then comes back.  It will go from Dolby 5.1/2.0 to unkown, causing the onkyo to click.  Then it goes back to Dolby 5.1/2.0, causing the 5508 to click again when the audio comes back.  It will also do the same thing while watching a show but not often.  It will just randomnly drop the audio for a split second.  When that happens the 5508's relays click once when it loses the audio and then again when it reconnects.  It doesn't do that often but it does happen.  I don't mean during a commercial.  I mean during the actual show. 

I know the relay clicking is normal with the 5508.  What isn't normal is why the audio signal is constantly dropping with Quantum.