August account # changed - discounts gone - partial billing wrong

Verizon MADE me NEW account numbers for august 2019,  the system "UPGRADE" was MID month so I received a credit for just internet service and then rebilled for entire month.. The credit was about $15 short and thus my bill was right at $15 higher for no reason ... THEN next month my "bundle discount" was gone so my bill was $5 higher than it normally is.. keep in mind My BILL has been same price  for YEARS... nothing has changed..  the verizon representative explained that increases are necessary and part of life..... and that bundled discount was no longer offered..  so 4 months later ive now paid $60 for "account upgrade". dont have verion email anymore.. my dsl service has not upgraded for 20 years. can we say SLLLOOOOWWW.. smh:(

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