Awful Speed / Lag
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About six months ago I started to notice lag and dropped packets from my internet connection. It's not that noticeable when I'm browsing the internet or YouTube, but when I'm play games such as Diablo 3, WoW or Team Fortress 2 it gets bad. Six months ago - and prior - I averaged around 100-200 MS/Ping. Now? Now it starts at around 150-250, will shoot up to 400-600, back to 200-400 and I've even saw it shoot up as high as 1700+ ms/ping. Why? What causes dropped packets and what can I do to fix it?


Do I need to replace the modem? Would a cordless phone that is also plugged in cause this?


Also, one more thing, when it rains (like the rain we had here in So. Cali) the entire internet will drop, including the phone. When I pick up the phone all I hear is static. It will last around 1-3 hours before finally being able to near the dial tone and be able to use the internet.


Both of these are seperare incidenes.

Re: Awful Speed / Lag
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Since these are separate, we'll want to first focus on getting the line physically fit before we start figuring out what the deal is with the packet loss and latency. We can get started on both now, though.

To start, when it is raining have you given Verizon a call from a mobile phone to report trouble? If something is acting up only while it rains, it's very unlikely that the problem is in your house. It could be on the side of your house out at the NID, but that is Verizon's equipment and responsibility too. Giving Verizon a call while it is raining out and you have static will give them the ability to pick up on line faults using tests produced on their end. This gives the field technicians something to go off of when it comes down to repairing your problem.

Second, for the DSL Service at a time where it's not being affected by the static on the phone line, how does the line bahave in the morning hours? Is it any better during the morning or is the high latency and packet loss persistent regardless of the time of day? I can explain many things that could cause packet loss and latency on DSL, but I need to get more information first so I'm not writing up a TL;DR post.