BEWARE: Wrong website price quotes for upgrading internet and Verizon doesn't honor.
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After spending over 3 hours on the phone and in chat sessions, I found that using the Verizon website to upgrade my internet was quoting the wrong prices that Verizon won't honor. To add insult to injury, I had purchased a new $200+ router from a 3rd party to use after considering their initial pricing. As shown below, $229 was the price quoted, however, they include a $12 rental for a Quantum router, which I did not want. Since my $209 plan was generating a monthly bill of $217 I thought I could get a deal of around $225 after taxes - with no renewal of my contract and a $149 upgrade fee to replace my ONT.  I was wrong. The second screenshot shows what the plan would have been AFTER I had completed the order on the website. Notice how the price jumps up $40!!!!!! I wish I had taken more screenshots of this discrepancy as it only became apparent as I was working with the Verizon representative on the phone to remove the Quantum router.

imagePrice Comparison of Current Plan to Upgrade Pre-Checkout

Now I feel dirty and taken advantage of. To get this plan that I now felt obligated to get, I have to pay over $240 monthly and had to renew my contract to get the price that low.  If I had known this would be the case, I would never have purchased a router and pursued this upgrade.

imagePrice Comparison of the True Price Verizon Would Charge

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This is something they do all the time!