Bad Sales Rep - Bad Tech - Bad Contractor

I had been a Verizon customer for 20 plus years, no complaints, everything good. 

However, I recently decided to upgrade my Fios Internet from 75 Mbps to 1 GB interned speed. I placed a call to Verizon FiOS, they gave me a good deal but in order to get the deal, I have to agree to a contract, which I did.  The person on the phone also mentioned that they will have to replace old wires and cables because the ones I had were just too old. So, since they were going to do that I requested to please install an Ethernet outlet in the basement (the Verizon room is in the basement). She then told me to ask the technician to do it and that he will charge me $60 or $65 and it will be added to my bill. That's fine I said.

When the technician (Brandon) showed up, I asked him: 

1- How are you planning to change the whole wiring and cables? to which he replied: "that is not necessary you already have good wires and cables capable to carry on with the upgrade", and so he did not change anything. Uhmm. 

2- Do you want to know where to install the Ethernet outlet? "What Ethernet outlet?" he replied, and so he didn't install the Ethernet outlet. 

Since he arrived, I can tell he was in a hurry. 

After 30 minutes at my house, he said: "I'll see what I can do about the Ethernet outlet". That is great I replied. However, when he was done, he mentioned that "after talking to his supervisor (Ms. Castillo)  "I need an electrician to do the wiring first them the tech can install the Ethernet outlet", what?

When the tech left my house the internet was working. However, after a while, it wasn't. I called Brandon no answer. I then called his Supervisor, and after resetting my router and 30 plus minutes over the phone the internet was working again.

Now, here come the lying and the blame and the unprofessionalism. 

1- After mentioning the Ethernet outlet deal to her, she denied talking to Brandon about it, and she agreed the outlet should have been installed for a $65. She then started to continuously repeat the tech was in trouble for saying that he spoke to her. Right there it shows you the kind of people we are dealing with. 

2- Ms. Castillo also agreed to send Brandon or another technician the next morning to install the Ethernet outlet, and that she will call me around 10 am to confirm (I am still waiting for the call and for the technician). Even today when I call, they do not answer my calls. What kind of professionalism and service is this Verizon?

3- So, here is the deal, who is lying? the person who took my order (I think she is a Verizon employee, or not?), the technician (I think he is working for an outside contractor), or the supervisor (is she the outside contractor)? What a nightmare. Where is Verizon in all of this? ufff. 

4-In addition, I have learned today I don't have 1 GB of internet speed, only 130.6 Mbps. Are you lying Verizon? What's going on here?  Furthermore, there are channels missing (they replace the router and I think the change affected my Fios TV services too), which means the upgrade didn't include the plan I had before or the tech or his supervisor did not do his job. 

5- Wasn't the tech supposed to make sure everything was working before leaving the site? and wasn't he supposed to show me all the changes and new connections? and wasn't he supposed to install the Ethernet outlet and charge the fee? 

This is by far the worst services I have ever seen from Verizon. I am seriously thinking of switching to another carrier. This is unacceptable Verizon.

Re: Bad Sales Rep - Bad Tech - Bad Contractor
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Hi UVA4455,

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