Bait and switched

I spoke with an online chat representative who I believed was helpful and informative. I asked if fios could come switch my router to another room since it was in the room we are turning into a nursery. They informed me of the schedule, and had me confirm that I could be charged *UP TO $99 for this service. They informed me I would be notified by the technician if any fees applied, how much it would cost, and would agree prior to any work being done. The technician showed up and didn’t say anything. My husband and I assumed this was covered in their normal services since all he did was move a router to the next room. He didn’t tell us we would be charged, and per the chat representative, he would have spoken up if any fees applied. 

Come the end of the month, imagine my surprise when I see an additional $96.30 on top of my bill. The reasons stated were $14.33 of “taxes and fees”, $49.50 of “on site tech services performed” $30 of “miscellaneous charges” $0.47 of “partial month charge for Fios internet equipment change”, and a monthly recurring $2.00 for “Fios internet equipment increased” (I guess this is a monthly fee for the new ethernet wire? they provided??)

I called Fios to have this rectified, as the chat representative was crystal clear on the process. I would APPROVE charges first. They would be assessed when the tech showed up. He would INFORM me. The first rep I spoke to could not help, and needed to put me on with his manager. She must clearly receive this call a lot because she was completely ignoring the illegal bait and switch tactic I informed her of, and she has barely any customer service skills at all. She was rude and severely dedicated to the charges on my bill. Not to me as a long time Fios client. She wouldn’t even acknowledge the illegal practice the chat representative engaged me in. She kept referring to an email they sent me. I told her I did not open an email from Fios. Why would I? I wasn’t informed I would be emailed about charges, I was told he would evaluate the work to be done, and inform on-scene. I wasn’t aware I should be looking for an email. I was looking for confirmation from the technician, as stated in writing from a Fios rep. I was completely lied to, when I was told I would have the opportunity to approve of any fees prior to work being done. 

She then she went on to tell me how she was trying to help me, by removing what would have been a SECOND installment of these fees on next months bill! UP TO $99 just went out the window. I was going to see these charges AGAIN because only HALF of the work was charged on this bill! She told me they charge a full $99 just to dispatch the tech to my home! So I never had the opportunity to approve charges! More lies that were contradicted by my initial correspondace with Fios. At this point I was floored and asked how she could justify not only standing by the charges on my current bill, but now stating that this was only half and the “up to” $99 was also a lie told by the chat rep. I wanted someone who could help and it wasn’t her. She informed me I have reached the “highest level of escalation available”. NO ONE who worked above this rude manager was working at Fios! She kept threatening not to remove the second month charges, like they had the right to charge this nonsense the first time around! I am appalled. I had to bite my tongue and let this person follow through because they were now holding me hostage! I allowed her to remove the charges and then asked how I can speak with someone about the illegal bait and switch tactic applied to my bill this month. She was rude some more, said I have “reached the highest level of escalation available” and no one could or would help me. I asked to speak with someone else at “her level of escalation” and she told me she could not transfer the call, I would have to call back and go through this all over again. 

I can’t understand how a company of this size can operate with fraudulent practices. I was spoken down to, basically called stupid by this woman, and I was misled and lied to in the first place! Illegal terrible terrible service. I have faithfully paid my bill for this ridiculous chain of events to unfold, just for them to charge “whatever” they like “whenever” they like it seems. Regardless of their own reps stating otherwise- in writing.

Re: Bait and switched
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Hi GailNyc,

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