Been one year and cables have not been bury

Verizon after switching to you from Comcast last year I couldn't have fathom how frustrating this switch would be. When we had Comcast they came in, bury the cables with no issues. It has been a year and the cables are running wild in the back area of our house. It is very dangerous and someone could get hurt or the wire could be cut by lawn maintainence. I have asked repeatedly for someone to come out. The customer service rep told me I didn't need to be present but the tech came when we were not home to say he could not bury it because he needed someone to be there to check to make sure it worked. I had a ticket open yesterday and no one came with no phone letting us know they were not coming. We stayed home the entire day. Please this is safety issue and you should be more concern about this.

Re: Been one year and cables have not been bury
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Hi Dandan3,

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