Being billed more and rude manager.

I have the 39.99 interent plan from verizon, now they started charging me 52 $ (extra 12 $ dollar for the router rental fees because I moved to a different address and also the manager was saying that they were not billing us for the last 2 years for the rental router and they should have been but it was their mistake. I told him somebody should have told me about this charge before I moved not charge me extra 12$ everymonth out of no where and he is like we are sorry about it but your only 2 option is buy the router for 199 $ or pay the rental every month. I told him I also have a 2 year agreement with verizon  and in that my bill was  39.99$ and he told me it was cancelled because you moved.(shouldn't someone from verizon tell me this). It is their fault for not telling me all this earlier and just charging me more without even telling me. The thing that outraged me most was the behavior of the manager I talked to, he was saying you're not on contract with us and you're billed monthly so we would hate to see you go ( I didnt even mention anything about me leaving verizon) it was clear from his words he doesnt care if I stay with verizon or not. I have talked to many customer representative and each one of them has different answer but last I talked to was the manager and the kind of customer service I got from him was 0 and very bad. He was saying continuosly I know its our fault but your only two options are to pay the rental or buy it. 

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