Below expected wired speeds on FIOS and "check" message from VZ test

I am subscribed at 940/880 Mbps

I have an ONT 1000g14 - arris that was installed about 7 years ago when the fiber was run.

After that is a VZ G3100 router.

Using the VZ speed test over the last 2 weeks the best i can get is 410/550Mbs to my device, with a "Check" warning on this result.

"Speed to the router" according the VZ speed test is 925/550.

All test are with wired ethernet either connected to the G3100 (with wireless disabled and no other clients)

or as a single stream test with laptop connected to the ONT directly.

I have tested with 2 high end laptops - Thinkpad X1 extreme and another similar spec-ed Thinkpad, with no VPN running during tests, wifi off and minimal apps running.

Obviously I have restarted the ONT and the G3100 in the course of testing.

What is the next step to get this looked at? Or is this all I can get? Replace ONT? fiber interference? DO I need a tech out? will they even help on this if I call?

I am not expecting to get 950 down from the router, but seems like there is an issue that is stopping getting closer to what I am paying for - maybe say closer to 650Mbs - at least in a single stream test.


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I still have an old Tellabs 611 ONT, and max out at 75 up & down, so, I don't have any experience with Verizon's higher tier of Internet speeds or the newer ONTs. 400M seems a bit om the slow side for 1G speed, but, I have no experience with it.

I am not familiar with the Check warning light. Is it on the ONT itself? Is the Arris ONT the same as the

Alcatel-Lucent  1-211M-L?

If you test using a smartphone, are the results any different when using 5GHz?

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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking mostly to other customers here.

With the router speed test consistently showing 550 up, that should be something Verizon will look at.  The results of their speeds tests are visible to their support agents, so they can see what you're seeing.  I suggest you contact them via chat, as it tends to be better than phone support.

If you want to do some debugging yourself, try a different Ethernet cable between the ONT and router.  If there are jacks and patch cables currently in use, move the router next to the ONT and use one known good Ethernet cable.  If the router speed tests improve with this setup, you'll know there's an issue with your cabling.  If not, you'll have generated further evidence of an issue with the ONT or network.

To get the ONT, fiber connection and other Fios network issues looked at, you'll need to contact Verizon.  They may decide to send a tech.  The Verizon router speed test is key here, as they pay attention to it.


Still no luck. thanks vm for the info though.

Tech replaced ONT, Router, cables and moved the fiber path at the hub. still same issue.

3 different notebooks connected to both ONT directly and then the router LAN ports in separate tests, all show same numbers for download speed. Upload speeds are fine.

since the "to router" numbers are fine - VZ pretty much say that I am getting the speed, but no device can get above 410Mbps downlead in a single stream wired test. but they can get 800Mbps upload. the tech don't seem to carry any devices of their own to be able to connect to the router or the ONT to validate this.. they just say - if our to router test come back ok, then any issues after that are the customers problem.

My only thought is the 'to router' test maybe uses VZ back end network further down the line, but the 'to device' test goes out to the internet in general to test - I don't know this for a fact.

Anyway - I appear out of luck as the tech pretty much just said i  would be best to downgrade my internet to 500Mbps - so that I pay for what I get.

I read on

that there can be issues with the shared fiber " Fios is a shared GPON between multiple users, even the small business one ( you’re paying for the support and the SLA). If someone is constantly hogging the bandwidth, then the speed will be bad. My previous home can only get ~600M despite having gigabit tier. My current home can do 800-900M no problem."

So I am wondering if i can get to someone who know more than the normal techs that can look into it further - but don't know how to go about that.

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I am thinking now that this maybe a software provisioning issue in the AMS. Can you chat with a service representative and ask to check whether the provisioned rates for your account is 1024/1024 (this is the actually provisioned rate for 980/880 speed)?