Best way to set up true dmz?

I’d like to set up a true dmz that would not allow the device in the dmz to connect to other devices on my home network. What’s the best option?

quantum fios router. Internet only. Connected via coax.

I was planning to put a firewall in front of the quantum router and set up the dmz for one device and then connect to the quantum router for the rest of the home stuff.

Then I realized there’s coax into the quantum router not Ethernet....

Re: Best way to set up true dmz?
Community Leader
Community Leader

I do not know all of the steps, but these steps below will get you started in the right direction.

#1 You must have your own RJ-45 WAN port NAT router.

#2 Then either:

a) Put the quantum fios router into bridge mode.

b) OR since you do not have FIOS TV also, switch from moca to ethernet (from the ONT).