*Beyond Frustrated* with VZ support - looking for help (internet speed related)

Hello guys,

Allow me to briefly explain the situation I am in, and how it all came about...

On January 27th I called and ordered a cable card as I will be using an HD HomeRun prime with home theatre PC's instead of set top boxes.  Shortly after that I increased my internet speed from 15/5 to 50/25, and the lady I spoke to on the phone informed me that once I activated my cable card that my internet speeds would automatically change.

The following weekend I had my house completely wired for Cat6 ethernet, and called the fiber solutions center to have my ONT box changed from MOCA to Ethernet because I absolutely do not plan on using the verizon router (I used my own router in bridge mode for years before wiring my house).  Everything works perfectly with Ethernet from ONT (I'm still getting all my same speed) - mind you I havent activated my cable card yet.

I pick up and activate my cable card (which is working perfectly), but after activating it I do not see my internet change (this was aroun Feb. 1).  I call back to Verizon to ask why my internet speed hasn't increased, and they told me that my order date was set for the 11th of Feb, and that my services would automatically turn on at said date - i told the person ok being that I wasnt actually "out of service" or anything of the like..

On Feb. 9th and 10th I get emails saying that a tech was coming out on the 11th to connect my service... I had no idea this was needed, and wasnt sure what the tech was coming out to do since I know the ethernet speed increases are done via central office.  I called Verizon and they said he was coming out to increase my internet speed, and by time I got home that afternoon my speeds would be increased.  

I get home from work and I have a verizon card attached to my door that said "Please call me about cable card" - what the?  My cable card is working perfectly fine, and phone support guy told me the guy was coming out to change my internet.  

I called Verizon again that night and asked what the deal was - they told me sorry for the confusion, that someone from the fiber solutions center would be activating my new service in the morning.  I told the gentleman "fine, no problem".

I get home from work yesterday and notice that my speed has STILL not increased, so I call the Verizon Fiber Solutions center again, and they tell me that I have an order in "pending" status and need to call again in the morning (today) between 8-5 to have it forced through.  

I call Verizon a few moments ago, and get a gentleman that proceeds to tell me that because my connection is set up as ethernet, and not MOCA, and that I'm not using an Actiontec router that I am not going to get my advertised speeds.

I've been in the Information Technology Field professionally for a good while, and I know that this is completely incorrect information.  The tech even said that my account still shows 15/5 internet.  

I have been completely cordial this whole time, but I am beginning to lose my patience - every person I speak to has a different off the wall story.  I just want some honest help, and to get my internet speed corrected.

If anyone knows the best route to take now for support in my unique situation that would be amazing!  


Midlothian, VA

Re: *Beyond Frustrated* with VZ support - looking for help (internet speed related)
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I would recommend that you hook the Actiontec back up (instead of your router) just long enought to get them to work on your issue. Agents seem to be taught that if there is a 3rd party router in the mix, they don't have to try. With the Actiontec in place, get them to correct your speed issue. Then replace it with your own router and go on your merry way. 🙂

Re: *Beyond Frustrated* with VZ support - looking for help (internet speed related)

Well... tried that last night, still got the same speeds, and still... they told me to wait until tommorow (today), and they hope to get it straight - i've literally heard that phrase 10 times in the last 3 weeks.  I don't understand what the issue is.... 😞