Billed for Two Failed Installations, Nonexistent Router--Worst Customer Service Ever

Two weeks ago, I scheduled my internet installation for the afternoon of Wednesday, August 8th. I worked from home (as best as I could without internet access), waiting and waiting for someone to show up. I grew suspect that something was wrong, which began that night's two plus hours on the phone with folks at Verizon who were honestly so incompetent.

The first person told me that, even though I'd selected a time for that day's installation, it had somehow registered in their system as a self-installation. She said that Verizon must've assumed I already had a router, but somehow simultaneously, that it also assumed I was going to be sent a router (keep in mind, I'd selected the option to buy one for $149.99--make sense to you? Yeah, me neither), but that a router had never even been shipped. Cool. She told me that she could schedule me for a new installation 5 days later on Monday, August 13th. I wasn't able to wait until then (hence why I didn't choose the 13th for my initial appointment...). I spoke to her supervisor for the next two hours and she was ultimately "able to" schedule me for a "repair" to get my internet installed the next day, Thursday, August 9th, between 10-12. 

So, I had to work from home again the 9th, with limited internet access (again, this was a huge challenge when my work requires being accessible and connected). When I checked my repair ticket confirmation number that morning, I thought it was strange that no tracking information was showing up. So, I reached out to Verizon support through the chat option. She also wasn't able to locate any details associated with my repair ticket confirmation number. She reached out to my local dispatch team, and they too were unable to locate any details associated with my repair ticket confirmation number. Why is that? Oh, just because the person who had created the repair ticket for my first failed installation had completely neglected to enter any details into the ticket! In other words, there was no time or date input, no repair-type details entered (such as the fact that this was an installation and that I required a router), and there was no technician requested! There wasn't even an installation appointment made. The support person was able to locate all of the conversation details from my two-hour talk with the supervisor, which confirmed all of the things we'd spoken about (that a repair ticket would be opened for an installation Thursday morning and a router would be brought along, I'd be complimented $50 for my troubles which would go to the cost of the router). Now, again, I had wasted even more of my time trying to work from home to get this taken care of (and needing to use my PTO because of the significant time during the work day that I had to spend on the phone with Verizon's customer support).

The chat support person passed me along to her supervisor who couldn't do anything for me. She offered to schedule another (my third now, in case you're counting) installation attempt the next day, Friday, August 10th. I told her I didn't trust Verizon and that I expected that if I agreed to that, I'd end up having to take more PTO because of another failed attempt and crummy support. I was sick of dealing with Verizon, and also anticipated that any future issues with internet connection or service would leave me having to deal with the mess of customer support again. So, I told her I didn't want another installation attempt.

I was contacted an hour later (I think by her supervisor), who tried to convince me otherwise. In the hour it took him to reach out to me, however, I had already ordered my Xfinity router online (it took 5 minutes, honestly--so easy), and was about to run out the door to pick it up. I told him this, let him know that Verizon had lost my business after having the worst customer service and reliability, and that I didn't want to reschedule my installation. I let him know that I was moving my business elsewhere and wasn't going to be using Verizon for internet. He said something about talking to his supervisor to share my story with that person, and I said I didn't want to waste another minute of my life talking to Verizon--I had lost basically two days on the phone with them, and was absolutely livid.

So, why am I here writing this, wasting another 30 minutes of my life telling this story? Well, I received a text moments ago that my first Verizon bill is available. Huh, that's weird.

I definitely told the folks I spoke to that I didn't want to have an installation, and that I was bringing my business elsewhere. I definitely never was sent or brought a router, and definitely never had someone from Verizon even bother to show up to install my internet. But, while Verizon support is absolutely horrendous and incapable of setting up a simple appointment or following through with commitments, they seem to be just fine at asking me for money for something that I explicitly stated I didn't want. And here I am now, with a bill for $224.92 for service that I never had, and gateway router that I've never seen. This is a joke. Your company values are integrity, respect, performance excellence and accountability, yet I have not sensed an ounce of any of these with any of the many individuals I have dealt with during this process. I did sense these values, however, during my communications and setup with Xfinity.

This bill is not right, and I should not have to pay it. Honestly, this company has wasted so much of my time, it should be paying me my hourly rate for now three days of work that I've had to dedicate my attention to dealing with this nonsense. Fix this.

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Since you received no router, no instillation or service of any kind you must call 1-800-VERIZON and tell them you never had service and that you will dispute the invoice and under the total customer service guarantee nothing is owed.

The above link shows the guarantee. Print it out. You will need it to get rid of Verizon.

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Hi eer4,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.