Billing Issue
Enthusiast - Level 1

When I began my Verizon service I took advantage of the free AMC+ promotion.  I had specifically asked the Verizon rep if I needed to do anything to cancel after the promotion period and was informed it would be cancelled after the promotional period.  Also, I took advantage of the paperless billing discount, not realizing the online version of the bill was not the complete version available as the PDF of the paper bill.  When I contacted Verizon to dispute this bill, I was also provided incorrect information regarding the promotion w/ AMC+.  The rep told me I needed to go thru AMC+ and Verizon had no partnership w/ AMC+.  The rep and supervisor also refused my request to dismiss the charge.  I contact AMC+ and as I suspected Verizon controlled my AMC+ subscription.  After filing a complaint w/ the BBB, I was contacted by another Verizon rep.  This rep condescendingly  stated the only way I would have the charges dismissed is if I agreed that the billing mistake was my fault.  When I did not, the rep smugly stated the charges would be sustained and hung up.  The audacity and underhandedness of such a response was truly unbelievable.  I have continued to file complaints w/BBB, FTC and my state consumer complaint division and will continue to file until I believe this matter is resolved to my satisfaction