Billing and customer service

This is the second time I will submit this request. 

I was told that my billing concern was escalated. However, I've had no resolution. I've tried signing with the username and password I registered (daniellebrooks)  with but am taken to the User Profile information page where I am asked to register again!

So, I've created another profile (Dbrooks) - Here is my concern:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am contacting you regarding a billing dispute, but now also, about the customer service I received on June 21st, 2015.

I have been a Verizon internet customer since 2012 at the residence of: {edited for privacy}. At the time I initiated service, my monthly fee was $29.99. I paid $30.00 at the end of every month to Verizon through my Bank of America online bill pay.

On May 1st, 2015 I moved residences to: {edited for privacy}. I called to transfer service. At that time, I was notified that my monthly fee would go up and that I needed to pay a fee, brining my total balance to $53.88 – I paid this on May 28th. Unfortunately, I was not notified that I would have a new account #, and paid this to my old account using my online banking service.

Last week I received an automated message on my voicemail that my service would be shut off due to a balance owed. When I called back, a man informed me that this message was in error, and that my May payment had not yet transferred to my new account and that there was no further balance due at that time.

Since then, I have received two very confusing bills – One for my old account {edited for privacy} with a balance of $13.50 and one to my new account {edited for privacy} with a balance of $89.98.

I called your customer service yesterday at approximately 4 pm. I was transferred to a young man who stated that my outstanding balance(s) were due to fee increases over the years. I told him that I had never been notified of such increases, thus I continued making consistent payment of $30.00 monthly. I never received notification in writing or per my email. He stated it may be because there was no email on file for me. He suggested this was my fault, was curt, rude and unwilling to explore the root of the balance(s) further. His explanation for the lack of communication is incongruous, as Verizon easily contacted me by phone for a disruption of service noticed and also sent correspondence via 2 recent bills for balance(s) owed. I asked to speak to a Supervisor.

I was then placed on hold for a total of 50 minutes until a “supervisor” by the name of Jose came on the line. I put the word supervisor in quotes, as I have a hard time believing this individual should be given such a title. He quipped at me with the same indecorous tone and language – he stated he could not be of help and that he had no way to look up my previous statements. I responded that that the previous agent had been able to – at that point he receded and asked for my previous account number. After many minutes of silence, I asked him if he was still there. He remarked, “You need to be patient”, for which I replied, “I have been, I was on hold for almost 50 minutes to talk to you and have now been on the phone going on an hour and 5 minutes, with no resolution”. He responded “If you’re busy, call back”. I stated that I wasn’t busy the hour prior, when I made the initial phone call, but that I had to pick up my son from daycare in the coming ½ hour. At that point, I asked to speak to his Supervisor, to which he jibed, “Alright, you have a good day!” and then hung up!

I am appalled and disgusted to say the least. At what point did I lose esteem as your customer? Verizon is one of many carriers in my area. How is this treatment justified?

At this point, I am asking for a personal response from someone with at least one shred of professionalism – I would like to know that Jose and his counterpart have been talked to directly regarding this matter, and I would like a detailed explanation of how both balances came to be. Once my bill is reconciled and adjusted, I would like personal contact as to the accurate amount owed. At that time, I shall pay in full and will consider whether or not to continue my service. I will also share this encounter with my neighbors and colleagues as I’d hate for any of them to have the same experience.

UPDATE: I was just called yesterday and told that my service would be shut off if I didn't pay the $53.99 that I already paid to my old accound on May 28th! How can you help me if you've edited my account information in this post? Can someone please respond purposefully?! I need a phone call from a live person or an email - not this mess on a forum! I'm about to cancel my service and tell my neighbors to do the same! Ridiculous!!!!!!

Re: Billing and customer service

Hi Dbrooks,

Your issue has already been escalated from your earlier thread under your original username, HERE.  We have sent you a Private Message about the forum sign-in issue you are reporting.   Please check your Private Message Inbox at the top right of this page. It should look like this -->>