Bluray players losing wireless connection to Verizon router

Two separate Verizon users (my son and a friend of mine) are having the following problem involving their Bluray players (one has a Samsung BD-C6500 and the other has a Sony BDP-S590 so I am skeptical that both Blurays have the same problem):

Both Blurays were successfully set up to connect wirelessly to the Verizon router in each of their homes. This was done using the Bluray player's wireless setup, where the Bluray player detected the router and then the WPA key was entered on the Bluray setup screen. I then verified that each player could connect to the internet.

However, within a few days after each Bluray was set up, both my son and my friend turned on their respective Bluray players and they had lost their connection to the Verizon router, and the setup process had to be repeated from scratch, including having to enter the WPA key again. Is there something unique that has to be done to make the connection from a Bluray player to a Verizon wireless router permanent? My own personal experience is with another internet provider using a Linksys router, and I have never experienced this problem. Once I had set up my Bluray player, it has remained connected for well over a year without having to re-do the setup (knock on woodSmiley LOL)

Re: Bluray players losing wireless connection to Verizon router
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Could be a weak signal.  On the Sony if you go to Internet Settings you can check the signal strength.  I don't know what a typical strength would be, but my Sony fluctuates between 70% - 80%.  The Samsung probably has a similar feature.

Also, if you have a laptop, get inSSIDer and you can check the signal at the BluRay player.  (link below)  That will show you the signal strength as well as any possible interference from other devices on the same channel.  You can then switch your router to a lesser used channel.  Channels 1, 6, 11 are best.

Re: Bluray players losing wireless connection to Verizon router
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If it happened every 24 hours, I would suspect a DHCP lease expiring and not being renewed properly.