Bridge Mode for 3-Piece Google WiFi Hotspots

Can someone let me know if this is possible?
I have gigabit speed, with the fios quantum gateway router. It's currently connected via ethernet cable and coax cable.

Trying to put it in bridge mode for my new 3-piece google wifi hotspots, I have them all connected, they are working, but im still seeing 3 seperate networks (2.4GHz, 5G - from fios, and my new google network).

Because of this, my speeds are slow on my google wifi network, and the same as before (my ont and router are in my basement, so buying the google wifi was to get good wifi throughout my house).

Anyway, Can i put this in bridge mode with the Google Wifi serving as the main router, need some help. Thanks!

Re: Bridge Mode for 3-Piece Google WiFi Hotspots

Could be overlapping WiFi.

simply go into the Quantum router and turn off the WiFi for 2.4 and 5 GHz and guest WiFi.

just let the google WiFi handle the WiFi.

see if that helps.