Bring FIOS service in my building (Astoria-NYC)

Hi folks, I live in a 21 unit building in Astoria Ditmars.

There is no Fios service currently in my building, but there is Fios around the area! I spoke with Verizon, and they told me to put in a request to bring service into my building and also mentioned the more tenants put in a request, the more urgent it becomes for Verizon to bring in the service. So I spoke with my landlord, and he is very cool and accepting of that, he said let them call me, and I will make an appointment to go over it. 

My request status has changed to phase 2 which is reaching out to the landlord. My question is how do they know how to reach out to the landlord? They don't even have his phone number. How can I expedite the process? I already spoke to a few tenants to put in a request as well. But I need the service badly due to my online classes. 

Please if you have any input let me know! thank you

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Community Leader
Community Leader

Typically, if you are not the owner of the apartment, you will need the owner to sign an easement form prepared by VZ regional operation center. Did the representative you talk to send you or the landlord an easement form?

The easement form grants VZ access to pull and maintain Fios infrastructure.