Buyer Beware

This company is an absolute joke! Be warned, if you can get service through another provider, you are better off. The customer service you will receive through Fios is a nightmare. It took me 6 hours to get an order placed, having to use online chat, their website, and their customer service line. Multiple orders ended up getting placed because they couldn't figure out what they were doing. Finally, after 6 hours, I had an order they were able to successfully get to go through. I receive an email the next morning notifying me of my install date with a 2 hour window. Then, 2 more days later, (3 days before install date), I receive a call notifying me that they are cancelling the appointment and would have to call me back with a new date. Absolutely ridiculous!! At this point, I cancelled my order. Why should I even start service when this is how it starts off. Hopefully enough people will voice their experiences to get enough people away from this company so they can go bankrupt!

Re: Buyer Beware

Well you are not off to a great start, that’s for sure.

however there is a pandemic out there and staffing is low at verizon as it is on every other business out there. So a little understanding and patience is required.

many customers both new and existing cannot get appointments just now especially if for home premises visits. That is totally understandable.

although your statement about wanting verizon (THE PHONE COMPANY) to go bankrupt and it could happen (just look at AT&T who went under four times who are now owned by southwestern bell, yep the phone company) it would simply just re-emerge again. But it was a nice thought. 

I will tell you that in fios the Internet is great and very few issues, yes customer service is sorely lacking, but you could try going to

which are real verizon techs that have a great track record on assisting customers both old and new.