Buyer beware!

I switched back over to Fios several months ago due to a sales call that offered more than what I was getting so I decided to give it a try. I should have been alarmed when they told me that they have put me into collections for $500 which Spectrum insisted they took care of. It became such a headache I just let it go but I am on disability with a very tight budget and this judgment just kills my credit but due to my anxiety I let it go but yet still signed up. Within 2 months my bill went up over $40 a month.. after a full day on the phone I was issued the credit for the overage on my bill thankfully. I don't really watch tv and don't have any use for a house phone and don't even own a phone which seems like a waste but whatever if it makes the plan more affordable. Now my major issue has been call after call over my weak internet service. They always check in and tell me it's perfect but my house is 1200sq ft and I have not great but ok internet service in about half of the house so today I spoke with a representative who told me I could just go to the store and purchase some sort of booster.. please excuse my lack of the correct terms but my head is still spinning from being on the phone with them all day. The store was very nice and told me they have it in stock but I need an approval code from Fios which is generally quick to do. Another call well over an hour with absolutely no results and mere frustration. My son came home today from college for a couple of days and has a paper due. I was unaware that there is absolutely no connection and the only thing that shows to add device is my neighbors internet.. at this point if they were home I would just ask them for their password. My son is currently at Best Buy trying to buy something similar when he should be doing his work. If the device doesn't work then I guess I will get him a sleeping bag and he can sit practically on top of the router to finish his work.. no Netflix for me tonight because I won't be able to stream it but praying he finishes college and maybe goes to Verizon as a trouble shooter. At least he speaks clearly and is polite which would be a huge step forward. I'm so outraged and stressed that I think I will skip dinner and have a glass of Cabernet. Thanks Fios for completing wasting another full day and still not accomplishing anything. Only a year and a half left with this contract. If it continues this way I am going to have to ask my doctor for Xanax or something. Buyer beware!!

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Verizon does not have a high end router with strong wifi.

When you say your house is 1200 sq ft, how many floors?
And where is the router located?

If it is a single level house, and the router is at one end or a multi-level with router at one end on lowest level and poor performance is highest level on the opposite end, it would not be uncommon to need additional coverage with most routers.

There are several ways to help mitigate the coverage issue.

And Verizon (like most service providers) will not spend the time to assist with enhancing WiFi coverage. Verizon does sell wifi devices that can be used to enhance coverage. Google FiOS WiFI extender