Buying Gateway after 2 years rent...

So I come from a background of getting terribly flaky equipment from internet providers. So when switching to Fios, I decided to rent just in case.

Two years later it seems this Gateway is doing okay. I've since paid about $230 dollars to rent it. But it seems there is absolutely no discounts or credits given to purchase this equipment at this point. If I want to buy it to stop getting charged $10 each month, I have to pay full price. For this exact same device.

I asked the live chat for alternative equipment I can get that wouldn't be so expensive and so I don't feel like I'm getting horribly ripped off. They told me either use the gateway, or use Actiontech MI, which is still verizon and still expensive.

None of this really makes sense to me. Even a gesture like a credit towards the purchase price would feel better than paying nearly $400 dollars for a router to use Verizon because they make it so you can't use anything else.

It feels rather scammy. Does anyone know of any alternative equipment for 50/50?

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The Quantum Gateway G1100 is not $400 or more dollars.

its priced between $99-$150 depending on when you purchase and from where. You could just return it to a fios store location and make sure you get a receipt. And pay the $150 for a brand new one. Don't buy it from Frontier since the firmware is different.

dont buy from eBay since it could be stolen. Amazon may have it for $100 but again don't get the Frontier version.

You could buy a router from Netgear that may be cheaper. Make sure it has both 2.4 ghz. and 5 ghz. Wifi. 

You can use your own router but support will be almost non existent if not one of their own branded routers.

you invested quite a bit of money into the rental. The good thing about renting is if it goes kaput you get another no problem. If you buy the Quantum new it has a 2 year warranty which again protects you. If you buy the device refurbished it's zero covered. Be careful