Buying a modem/router - Fios chat refuses to answer my question

This was my message to 3 different agants. 2 Agents disconnected me without an answer and the other said she was transferring me to a tech person - but "Abilgale" never did, she just disconnected me. "I want to buy a modem/router that works with my services but the $200 that Fios charges is obscene. Do you have a list of products that work with my services?"

It's a pretty simple question. Are there modems/routers that Fios acknowledges as being compatible with their service. I don't want to be pigeon holed into buying equipment straight from them.

Re: Buying a modem/router - Fios chat refuses to answer my question

That all depends on what services you have.

if internet only you can use any router you wish. You don’t need verizons router unless you want tv service as well.

the price of the Quantum router on amazon ranges from $90 to $150 but make sure it’s not a Frontier internet firmware on it. Verizon only.

you can purchase the Quantum router on eBay for $40-$80 +/- depending on the seller. Again make sure it’s not Frontier firmware. On eBay also make sure of the return policy. Some folks sell stolen Fios routers. Be careful.

any computer store can sell you a router. But they can be expensive depending on the maker of the routers.