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We recently bought our house in laurel. We moved our verizon connection to the new house. When we initially took the connection in the house, we were shown a different path for verizon cable by the employee who came to do our connection to this house. the previous owner of the house also had used Verizon.  
Last month, when we made a 2 inch hole to plant a seedling, the cable got cut. We called the verizon customer care and technician came in and fixed the cable. He told us that they would send people to bury the cable and said that we were not responsible for any charge.

Two weeks after they buries the cable, we got a bill from CMR  inicating that we are responsible for a 298 dollar bill. Verizon agent who came to our house never mentioned of any charge for repair of line. We were never presented with a work-order with estimate, never signed off on repair costs. Fee on work order is arbitrary, no rate negotiated, no supplies itemized.

Please help us resolve the issue

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Hi iamsunny,

Claims Management Resources (CMR) is a Verizon authorized vendor that provides invoicing services to recover Verizon’s cost to repair damage done to the Company’s facilities. This includes but is not limited to: 
• Buried and Aerial lines
• Poles
• Conduit and vehicles
CMR can handle disputes of claims directly, and works with the local field office that performed the repair. If you wish to dispute a CMR claim, you may contact them by phone at 1-800-321-4158 or by email at


I'm in the same boat-- I understand this is the stock answer that gets sent to everyone. I also see many posts that resulted in the issue being escalated to an agent and then I later see that the issues were resolved, but no explanation of how. I received a call from CMR saying I owed $180 for a repair. I asked that they send me a paper bill because paying by "electronic check" over the phone made this seem even more scam-like, before I had googled and found out that this company was apparently legitimate. When the paper bill showed up, it was for $211. Not sure why it increased by $31 over two days. The Verizon representive who had come out to our house clearly said to me that we would NOT be charged for the repair. I never agreed to pay $180 or $211 dollars. I never signed a contract, received an estimate, or anything. In fact, I was told I would NOT have to pay. If we could not afford this charge, I don't understand how we go about solving getting charged for something we did not agree to. I was told there was a $50 charge for the technician's initial visit-- I signed for that and paid for that through Verizon. I did not agree to the $211 charge. We didn't need the repair that badly! We had other options that wouldn't have cost the same. I chatted with someone yesterday for 22 minutes being spending 46 minutes on the phone (after waiting on hold for 7 minutes only to have the call disconnected-- twice) getting passed from representative to representive in repair department to billing department, to this department and then to that. 

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Hi bradydog,

CMR disputes still need to be handled directly with CMR.  If you wish to dispute a CMR claim, you may contact them by phone at 1-800-321-4158 or by email at