COVID workathome problems with wifi coverage
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I'm lucky I guess that I can work from home.  But this apartment wasn't set up for it.  Weak wifi at one end and now 3 homeworkers here.  Is mesh networking the solution?  The FIOS "Gateway" is now connected with a TP link, but that has proven spotty.  A mesh system?  Another router?  Take out the FIOS gateway and put in some other modem+router?  I was not made for this stuff.  Thanks.

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If you have an android device, start with an app called wifi analyzer.

It can help you determine if you have a signal strength issue.

Or could possibly just need to change the wifi channel to avoid interference.

In an apt building, there may be lots of other wifi causing interference.

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Which FiOS Gateway do you use? Is it a "G1100" or a "G3100" router? How many square footage is the apartment? Is the router shoved into a cabinet or under a bed, or behind a TV, or something of the sort?

I do second the WiFi Analyzer. If you don't have an Android phone, you can also use an app called "WiFi Analyzer" from the Microsoft Store, which does the same job. Macs have a built-in utility called WiFi Diagnostics, which, if you launch and open the Utilities menu, it also has a WiFi Scanning and channel recommendation tool.

When using a WiFi Analyzer, a signal will be displayed in the negatives range. A number below -72dB is regarded as usable but weak. -80dB and lower is very weak. Also, remember that the 5Ghz WiFi will reach less bit often performs better.