Can FIOS Gateway router do NAT or static route?
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I set up a wifi access point router behind the Verizon Gateway router.  It is being used just for wifi.  The IP address of the access point is different - (nnn.nnn.5.1).  IS there anyway to create a route on the FIOS Gateway so I can get to the access point router over my network?


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Obviously you can get to it via wifi.

Did you try getting to it via the wan address on the verizon router?

I have my home network set up with my own router as the gateway router (subnet 192.168.0)  connected to the ont and the verizon router (subnet 192.168.1) is cascaded off that via a lan - wan connection with the verizon router being  If I enter as the browser address on machines anywhere else on the network I get directed to the Verizon router admin login.

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Just set the WAN on the AP to get an address automatically.

Give your AP a static IP in the subnet of your router.

Turn the DHCP server off on the AP.

Be sure the cable from your primary router is connected to a LAN port on the AP unless your AP has the option to make the WAN port into a LAN port.